Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Story Telling: The Lion and The Mouse



One day a Lion slept in the jungle. A tiny mouse ran over the Lion’s head and down his nose. The Lion awoke with a loud roar. He was very angry. His paw caught the little mouse.
The Lion opened his huge jaws to swallow the mouse “Pardon me. O King, I beg of you. “Cried the frightened mouse.
“If you forgive me this time, i will never forget your kindness. I meant no harm and I certainly didn’t want to disturb your majesty. If you let me stay a live, I can do you a good turn, too”.
The Lion began to laugh. He laughed and laughed. “How could a tiny creature like you ever do anything to help me ? “And he shook with laughter. “Oh well, “he shrugged, looking down at the frightened mouse,” you’re not so much of a meal anyway.
Then, he released his paw from the mouse and the mouse quickly ran away.
Some time after this, some hunters, tried to capture the Lion alive. They set up rope nets in the jungle. The Lion fell in to the trap. He roared and thras hed.
His thunderous bellows sent through the jungle.
The tiny mouse heard the Lion’s roars.
“That may be the Lion who once freed me” he said remembering his promise. And he ran to see whether he could help.
Discovering the sad Lion, the mouse said to him “Stop, stop ! you must not roar. If you make so much noise, the hunters will come and capture you. I’ll get you out of this trap”
With his shalp little teeth, the mouse gnawed at the ropes until they broke. The Lion stepped out of the het and was free. The mouse said. Now, wa i not right ?”
“Thank you, good mouse,” Said Lion gently. “You did help me. I see now that kindness is always worth while,’.

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